WebCORE not visible on graph.api.smartthings.com


WebCORE no longer appears to be visible on graph.api.smartthings.com although it is still available through my SmartThings app. I’m pretty sure I used my smart things account to setup the integration. I have the one other app that shows up there, the WebCore repository is no longer added. I can still add new pistons without an issue - everything on the WebCORE end seems to be working fine. Is there a way to verify which user WebCORE is associated through? Are there any known issues where WebCORE might disappear from graph.api.smartthings.com? I’m using a forked repository that I’ve not updated since I forked about a month ago.


login to IDE at https://account.smartthings.com


wow I can’t believe that made the difference - that’s really confusing, thanks!


Yea, they have a few shards available, but using the link that @jkp posted usually takes you to the right one.

(The shard is the info displayed in the URL between “graph” and “api.smartthings”)