Webcore not working since last few weeks


I have 10 odd running(not in paused state) webcore pistons, but since last few weeks none of them is running.

one used to work(incorrectly) till yesterday, it died as well.

They all were working pistons, suddenly stopped working.
I have updated webcore app, opened/closed after updating in app, but to no awail.

as simple as turn off light if it stays open for 1 min is also not working, forget about complex once.

Did something happened at ST side or Webcore? Anyone is seeing same thing?



is logging enabled in your pistons? have you tried pause/resume on the pistons?


Yes logging enabled, I dont see absolutely nothing there.

For example, a simple piston which synch ST location status using a dimmer value. If location changed to Disarm, set virtual dimmer to 0, etc.
I tried changing location state 10s of times, to and from different value, in piston Logs apart from initial subscribed to state xxxxxxx, nothing else pops up.

Pause/resume tried as well.

Only log I can see:

2/7/2021, 10:18:01 AM +877ms
+1ms ╔Starting piston… (v0.3.113.20210203)
+1155ms ║╔Subscribing to devices…
+1170ms ║║Subscribing to Home.mode…
+1248ms ║║Subscribing to Virtual Security Dimmer…
+1249ms â•‘â•šFinished subscribing (98ms)
+1302ms â•šPiston successfully started (1300ms)

After, this I changed my location mode multiple times to and from Disarmed state, nothing pops up in Log.


you may want to post an image of the piston.

aww…, you mentIoned disarming. that command no longer works. that was part of SHM in the classic app and that was discontinued. webcore can not directly manage STHM in the new app.

you can manage or see status of location mode such as home, away and night.

you can not directly manage or access state of STHM such as armed (stay), armed (away) or disarmed.


No, Not SHM

Location state Disarmed.
I have 4 location mode, based on which I run certain action.

It’s not at all associated with SHM or STHM in any way.

Here’s snapshot from the piston I’m talking about, but scenario is same for all other pistons too. None of them sees even for which it was subsribed too.


Its not a piston level issue as it was working till last few weeks. Something else is going on which has halted all of my pistons.


FWIW, SmartThings had a pretty serious outage a few weeks that affected dozens of my pistons. Even after service was restored by ST, the affected pistons simply would not trigger.

The solution that eventually worked for me was to go to the dashboard, click New Piston -> Create Duplicate and clone each piston, after which I deleted the old pistons. The “cloned” pistons trigger and function as they did before the outage.

It’s worth trying with at least one of your non-working pistons. :man_shrugging:


Holy Cow!!!
Tried your suggestion with just one piston to test with and it worked.
I wish ST team will stop messing already working things.

I’ll duplicate other pistons one by one. thank you so much sir.