Webcore notifications not all working?


Looks like none of Push Notification, Notification, or SMS is working, but Email is. On My ST app automations I do receive Push and SMS notifications. Is this a known issue?


can you post a screenshot of one of your pistons so we can see if they are set up properly for push notifications?

are you in US in order to receive sms?

try opting in again for sms…

US Customer: You must opt in to continue receiving SMS from SmartThings. You can do this by texting YES at any time to 844-647 for each phone number set up to receive SMS.


Screenshot attached below. Not sure what additional setup is needed. I’m in the U.S., and I’m able to receive SMS text notifications (and notifications) from SmartThings app automations so I’d think I’ve already signed up?



they are not set up properly.

send push notification ( msg) and store in messages

the send notification command no longer works only the send push notification and store in messages works


Awesome. Thanks. Push notification is working now. I’m removing send notification. Still unclear about SMS but it’s less important when push notification is working.

Can I ask an unrelated question here? I have used the TWC variables quite a bit in some of my pistons and they seem to work fine. But I don’t know where I have actually set up the location for it. I do have the AccuWeather smartapp installed where I entered my zip code. Is webcore using that?