WebCoRE Presence showing Present/Not Present at essentially the same time



Any ideas why WebCoRE presence does this…

It will show I have arrived and then ms later it shows I’m not present. This periodically cause issues with it rearming STHM.



The logs are actually showing that the ‘not present’ event was sent first but was held up for ten seconds because the piston was already running. This allowed the ‘present’ event to be processed first.

There are two possibilities that spring to mind. These are possibilities in the sense of “I can’t remember exactly how each possibility would be reported in the logs so I am not entirely sure”.

  1. The ‘present’ event genuinely arrived first at webCoRE and was the instance that delayed ‘not present’ when it turned up. Events can arrive out of order sometimes. My feeling is that this probably didn’t happen but I won’t rule it out.
  2. The piston was already busy doing something when the ‘not present’ event arrived. The logs would show if that was the case.

It is both a strength and weakness of webCoRE that it will work with the actual event data, rather than always looking at the current state of devices.