WebCore problem


Hello, i am from the Netherlands and i am very happy with my Smartthing Hub.
but now i have a problem with WeCore. i can log in but then it gives me a notification
like this : There was a problem loading the dashboard data. The data shown below may be outdated; please log out if this problem persists.

What do i wrong , can any one help me .

webCoRE Update v0.3.108.20180906 - restore pistons from backup file, bug fixes

Do you have any errors in the live logging console at ide.smartthings.com? If there is an error you should see it every time you load the dashboard in your browser.


Hello ipaterson, thank you for your answer,
but i dont see any trobble in my ID everthing is working
only i can trough WebCore so i can not chance or create
a new piston



This is the error:

22:42:09: error java.lang.NullPointerException: Cannot invoke method sort() on null object @line 2942 (getRoutineOptions)