WebCoRE reliability issues


So I’ve been using SmartThings with WebCoRE for a few years now. It’s never been 100% reliable. Things work most of the time, but lately they have been really hit or miss.

What I’m seeing is the device, say a motion sensor, is triggered, but the WebCoRE piston to turn on a light only works sometimes. The device will show “Motion” as its status in SmartThings, but the piston doesn’t always run.

So how does this work? If ST sees the change in state, why isn’t the WebCoRE piston more reliable? Isn’t it all the same ST cloud?


I’m experiencing the same issue, especially with pistons which are triggered by motion sensors.


It’s ST being flaky. This thread may help:


In my experience, when something like this happens, it’s almost always something I’m missing. Even if the piston was working properly before. Maybe a congested network, low battery level, and even once DHT I installed started causing ST hub to RESET every night by it self LOL


This is what I’ve always assumed, but other people seem to be doing better than me. I looked at your thread. This has been an ongoing issue for the past couple of years. It’s just gotten worse now. I’m heavily leaning towards giving up on ST and moving to HE.

I did check my firmware, and it appears that I am on the current firmware (27.9). Thanks for the suggestion anyway! I’m thinking this is a cloud problem that I have no control over. I was just hoping to salvage my current system.


The pistons work. The problem is the device fires, I see it in ST, but my piston doesn’t ever see it. It’s very spotty, and appears to be a disconnect in the ST cloud.

It’s been this way for 2 years, but recently it got worse. Another poster pointed me to a ST thread that seemed to identify a temporary problem. I’m just seeing if anyone knows a way to increase reliability before I switch home automation platforms (looking to move to HE).


Sounds like it’s related to a thread I opened a few weeks ago. Conditions evaluating incorrectly

Still an open issue.