Webcore shooting blanks tonight


Anyone having lost operations with WC on ST tonight?

Pistons in two different account/ST Locations:

  1. An SMS push message showed complete but didn’t generate any messages
  2. Turning on a switch did not result in a change in the switch, and ST shows no history of a change

In both cases full logging was on and indicated the commands had executed.

My shard is NA02-USeast

Happened between 20:30 to 22:01 on Sep 20.



My guesses?

(1) You reached your daily SMS limit, so the message was lost forever
(the count will hopefully reset tomorrow, but not sure which timezone)

(2) The switch was already on, so “changing to on” was no change…
IE: If ST saw “no change”, then no piston should execute.


Dunno – it was something transient – no such errors today and did the same set of things. Kinda confidence shaking…

And the switch was definitely off when I checked it.

And sorry - it wasn’t an SMS push, I miss-wrote. It was a notification that executed but didn’t cause a notify.

I read somewhere the pistons execute on the hub, right? So, it’s not possible that there was a network issue reaching the hub. Is anything logged if something doesn’t succeed/retry?


Have you migrated to the new app yet? And using send push notification and store in messages?


Yes, I am migrated to newApp. Send push was mostly store in messages - unfortunately this one that failed was not stored. I changed everything i push now to store so I have another way to check for them


Not on the hub, no. Pistons are Groovy SmartApps that execute in the ST cloud.


OK so I had it happen again – and I was able to see why I didn’t get the notification message. I had conditional logic if switch changes to on that evaluated false because webcore had a previous value of on for the switch – this is a momentary switch and apparently the “off” state arrived before the “on” state in a previous iteration – so webcore already had the switch on when it was really off. (I hope that makes sense)

So I changed the logic to if switch is on and forced it to subscribe to events for that statement, so hopefully that on event, even if it comes out of sequence, will still fire the routine.

I guess when state changes are 1sec apart, they can get shuffled.