webCore stopped working for me


I posted this in the Hubitat section yesterday, but thanks to a member, I got it partially working.

Now when I load the webCore interface, I can see all of my pistons and options to create new ones, etc…but when I click on any piston or try to create a new one, the screen just spins. To make things stranger, this happens in Chrome and Firefox and I have cleared all cache and temp files…but on my phone using chrome, it works!!

I looked at me Hubitat logs when trying to access from my computer, and found this…anyone know what this means or how to fix?

app:972019-07-24 04:19:23.143 pm debugDashboard: get piston :605be4b78449f6723e47ea54e8451bc7: needs new db current: v0.3.10d.20190627 in server undefined