webCoRE timeHandler problem


Beginning April 15 @ 20:30 UTC I began having a problem with piston firings. More specifically pistons that fire at regular timed intervals. I have posted the image of that piston along with other data.

The piston is running on the SmartThings platform and every 2 minutes makes a get request to a remote site. The piston has been in use for nearly a year and has performed as should until April 15.

What is happening is similar to the problem that was happening on the SmartThings platform years ago when the timeHander Delay/Execute time was unusually long and was terminated. The problem I am experiencing now is not caused by the same thing but has the same effect. The piston fails to fire and fails to schedule the next time. The piston eventually recovers when webCoRE does it’s built-in automatic recovery.

Is anyone else having problems? Or have some idea as to what changed on April 15th?

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