When logging into webcore error "There was a problem loading your dashboard data, the data shown below may be outdated"


Receiving the error above when logging in. None of my pistons appear to be working. I log out, and log back in and receive the same message. Once i click the message it goes away, underneath on the left top of screen it just says Loading Data. I dont know what is happening.

Unsure if this is related, but we did have a storm a couple weeks ago and lost internet and power. everything seemed to come back up after the storm, but then a week later now i am getting this error.


try editing the webcore and webcore piston smartapps in IDE according to the instructions in this thread. ST shut down the classic app and that part of the platform Monday night.


Thank you so much for your response. When i go into my smartthings IDE and i go into smartapps, into webcore, and edit the code, i do not see this same thing on line 950. I am not sure why its different. I am not sure what to do to edit this out, as i dont know where it is.



have you kept your code in IDE up-to-date? which version do you see listed at the top of that screen?


Is this causing trouble again? The last time they broke incidents it was just a temporary glitch, but is that code tweak required again this week?


I have seen a couple of users in this forum and another 3 on the ST forum tHat have reported the issue. So far, marking out those lines appears to be resolving the dashboard not loadiing.

ST did began shutting down the Classic app and that part of the platform on Monday night.


Have you installed the new SmartThings app? Trying to find the source of the problem it seemed possible for something like this to occur if your account was not yet migrated from the Classic app.


The only error message I’ve seen this time around involved routines and there was a line number mismatch making me wonder if they had old code. I’ve not had issues myself but I know they’ve been stripping out legacy stuff so it may depend on what state our locations were in to start with. For example I deleted routines and SHM months ago.

Here is the thread …



the current version is 10/09/2019 >>> v0.3.110.20191009

you may want to update all 4 smartapps in IDE


Thank you. When you say update, i think i am unclear on how to actually do that. I open the smart apps click on one and open it, then click update. I am assuming this does not update it, since i did that and i am still on the same version. I will search the forum for how to update.


I think i just figured it out, just update from repo!


So i went in and tried to update from repo, but i am not seeing any boxes to check off in the obsolete column. I am so confused!


Do you remember if you originally set it up through repo or manually added them? If you did use repo, click on settings amd disconnect your repository and reauthenticate which should fix it not showing


Jeez that was so long ago, i actually think i copy and pasted it from somewhere. I dont think i knew about the repo then.


easy to add the repo and attach it to your smartapps:

part 1

  • click on settings
  • Click the Add new repository link at the bottom of the pop up.
  • Enter ady624 in the Owner column.
  • Enter webCoRE in the Name column.
  • Enter master in the Branch column.
  • Click Save (do not hit the Enter key, it will exit the form without saving).

part 2

  • click on Edit properties for all 4 webcore smartapps in IDE (the icon to the left of the smartapp name - pencil on a square, not the eyeball)
  • find source code options section near the bottom of the screen
  • in the pull-down, select webcore (master)
  • click Update at the bottom of the screen
  • repeat for all 4 webcore smartapps

Part 3

  • click Update from repo


You are an absolute genius! I cant thank you enough! I was able to do the update from repo! It worked perfectly! I was also able to find that code finally on line 950, i have removed it, and now my webcore seems to be working. I was not able to find the code for the new piston one that you mentioned though. I even tried searching all of the code for “initIncident” but couldnt find it. I do see what you mean, because when i create a new piston, it gives me the version i am on.


possible those lines were removed in an update to the code. if the dashboard loads, you are good to go