Where does the weather come from?


Roughly 2mi from the eastern border of the zip, 3.7mi from my house, by google’s calculation.


Trying to fix my piston since nest weather is not that reliable for me. Where can I find a list of weather conditions so that I can input that into the second statement?


Great resource on the wiki


and the expression you would want is this



I am trying to do following:
So trying to include all the weather conditions in #86. So it can be anything like Rain, light rain, heavy rain, etc.
Are those conditions listed somewhere?


I believe you’re looking for:



Yes. Thank you


I found a relatively easy way to do this, at least until $weather provides a way to specify location. Just make a web request directly to WU. Of course, this requires you to get an “API key”, but you can get a free one that is still fairly useful. Details here:


Step 1 has a link for getting a key.

Anyway, here’s an example of getting the wind:

The web request actually looks like this:

Initialize the global variable @wuKey to your personal WU API key, and set @wuPWS to the PWS identifier.

@wgmcg, you may interested in this, too.


I am trying a fuel stream with LUX to see if it’s an better than my AEON V6 multi (or maybe AVG with WU) but I always get 0 LUX returned. It’s a working piston from another user. I have checked and WU has a reporting page for my town but I’m wondering if it’s because I’m not in the USA and it only works for ZIP codes? Everything in ST seems to work fine for postal codes in Canada.
Maybe Mr. Trump has put a LUX tariff on because our government subsidises solar radiation too? :wink:


Is it the solarradiation that you’re using? I read on wu (or somewhere else) that not all stations report it so they send a -- for display purposes. Are you actually getting a zero?


Do you mind sharing your weather station I’d? I’m testing something right now that might help you. Hopefully have it released by the weekend


The piston returns 0 when querying. The actually site says
SIte ID is ICAMPBEL6 and reports SOLAR numbers


Got a link to the working piston?


Just modified the global var name from the original poster.


In the evaluation console, what do you get for:


Edit: The reason I ask is because integer(--) will output 0 also.


Yup, did a log info without the integer() and I get “–”


Thanks for sharing that command @c1arkbar
I ran it, and analyzed the output in a text editor…

Seems it lists 4 airports, and 28 pws stations…

But how can I tell WHICH one is being used by webCoRE?
The formatting all looks similar.

Also, it lists 4 of them at: distance_mi:0
but the one actually closest to me is shown as distance_mi:1


I am unsure of exactly which one it might be using, I apologize. But since smartthings only knows your zip code I would imagine it being the one closest to that and not your actual physical address.



Mine is KORPORTL576. Sorry its taken so long. I replied to the email sent by the forum here, but it bounced several days later.


Are we all aware the WeatherUnderground API is going away?



Even as a Personal Weather Station owner, it sounds like the only data we will have access to (for free) is the data we are sharing with them…

In other words, we do all the work and buy the devices that collect data for them with no benefits…

I am so disappointed that IBM is ruining another acquisition…
but I guess I should have expected it…