Wifi dimmable devices unable to read or set level (e.g. Lutron)


I have several Lutron wall switches that I’ve been using for several years without issue. Recently several of my pistons that depend on reading or setting the level of those switches stopped working. When looking at the webCore logs, the commands that were using setLevel or “if level=n…” just weren’t showing up at all in the logs as if they weren’t executing. However, in one of many troubleshooting attempts, I changed from “setLevel” to “adjustLevel” in an attempt to get any info on what was going on and started getting this error:

Error while executing physical command Office Ceiling Light.setLevel([100]): java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Command ‘setLevel’ is not supported by device f53de441-cf29-434d-a79b-dc3afa1edb65 of type ‘Lutron Caseta Wall Dimmer’. Supported commands: [on, off, refresh, ping]

I am seriously confused because it’s not like there’s an API issue on Lutron’s end because I can still adjust the level from the SmartThings app and Alexa. Why would WebCore all of the sudden lose access to that function - I assumed WebCore supported whatever SmartThings supported? Very frustrating as I use this in a number of pistons.

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I don’t have an answer to this, but I just wanted to chime in to say that this very thing is also happening with my Lutron devices and WebCoRE.

If you—or anyone else who comes across this thread—might come cross any leads or solutions, I’d love to hear about ’em.

(And of course, I’ll be happy to do the same if I come across anything promising.)


If it might help at all, @Morpheos, I just came across this thread from August 2021 where @jkp suggested to someone who had run into some Lutron problems with WebCoRE that

The lutron caseta integration was updated earlier this summer and they also added fan controllers. I think ST has been migrating users over tO the new one and this is what causes the disconnect between ST and Lutron. One thing you may want to try…. remove your current lutron caseta devices, remove the current integration in linked services… then add the integration back which would be the new one.

That said, I’m not sure whether that suggestion ended up panning out for the person who had posted that question. As well, if Samsung was making changes over the summer, that also wouldn’t explain why you and I only just now started running into problems?


Just adding another data point, I’m having the same issue.

All other pistons are functioning normally, but no luck with Lutron functionality.


I suppose that the old integration could have remained in place and functional, with webCoRE holding it in use, and now it has been cleaned up in some way.

The error message just looks confused with the “device … of type …” structure. The piston has already checked the device has the command at that stage.

I’d start by deleting and readding the device to webCoRE if not already tried, then consider a reintegration.


So interestingly enough, I did “uncheck” the switch in the webcore settings within SmartThings but it didn’t disappear from the scripting UI. I have yet to fully remove the integration because I hate to have all my scripts that hit the lutron devices get broken. I’ll probably bite the bullet and try that next.

This is so strange because it was literally working great up until ~2 days ago. The rest of the script works fine (other non-lutron devices trigger), it’s just the lutron light in the routine that I adjust the level on that doesn’t work.

I have trouble believing it’s an issue between Samsung and Lutron because I have no trouble viewing and adjusting the level within the SmartThings app. It seems to be an issue between WebCore and SmartThings?


My Lutron devices still work with on and off, just not setting or reacting to / reading the level of the dimmer.


My Lutron devices still work with on and off, just not setting or reacting to / reading the level of the dimmer.

That appears to be exactly the case for me as well.


Looking at it again, all my ‘then’ statements are to set lights to 100%, rather than just ‘on’ (to avoid them turning on at a previously dimmed level), so thats probably why every Lutron related piston is dead for me.


Yep, switch to “on” and it should start working again. I had 2 pistons that died on me this week. One of them had an if condition to say “if level = 0%”, I switched that to if off and it started working again. The other simply sets the level of the light amongst many other lights and that light just stopped responding. There’s no error, just no mention of that light in the logs. It wasn’t until I switched it to adjustLevel vs setLevel that I got the error that pointed to the issue.


I bit the bullet and removed and readded my linked Lutron account to ST and setup a new piston and noticed that now the setLevel and adjustLevel are no longer options, only on and off. They still are adjustable via ST app.


Just curious, I don’t know where they showed up before, but these show up under “Switches” in the WebCore available devices. Does that constrain the functions available since they don’t show up under adjustable lights?


Just curious, I don’t know where they showed up before, but these show up under “Switches” in the WebCore available devices. Does that constrain the functions available since they don’t show up under adjustable lights?

@Morpheos For me, as someone who hasn’t (yet?) removed and readded their Lutron account to SmartThings/WebCoRE, my Lutron dimmable devices show up under “switches” (under Capability group 3)—but they also show up under “dimmers and dimmable lights” (under Capability group 1).

(Not sure whether that shines any light on things?)


Yeah they’re not showing up under dimmers for me. I don’t think they were when I looked before removing them. That’s probably the issue in some way - they’re no longer categorized as a device that has those capabilities. I’m not sure who manages that classification because clearly that capability is there and still works via ST.


I thought I was going crazy. Same thing happening in the past 2-3 days with my Leviton plug-in dimmer and my Globe bulbs and recessed lights. Everything else is working as espected. I can turn on and off, change color, etc. The only thing that’s not working is changing level.


Over on Facebook, it has been presented as a problem with WiFi Dimmers in general and it is happening on ActionTiles and webCoRE. It would be handy if Smart Lighting also had issues.


Sorry to hear that, but also glad to hear that you had the same experience as it seems like there likely was a recent change, and hopefully that means someone will identify and fix it!


Can you share a link so I can follow there? Thanks!


I am having similar issues. Starting a few days ago my WebCoRE pistons have been unable to do anything with dimming/setting levels of lights. I can turn lights on and off, but can’t set them to specific levels. I have TP-LINK HS220 (WiFi device) and Philips Hue lights (via Hue Bridge) which are affected.


Not much to see, but …