Window Shades Preset Position


Both CoRE and WebCoRE have lost the ability to select “move to preset position”. The option is still valid on the device through the UI but all pistons that were previously using this option had the actions wiped out and they cannot be added back. Help!


This thread might answer some of your questions…


I’m aware of that thread but there’s still no solution provided. When will it be fixed?


The way I understand that thread, something changed with Somfy and/or SmartThings and/or the Device Handler. None of which webCoRE has any control of.


It changed, so the new operation just needs to be made available by WebCore if I understand the thread correctly… The new operation still works through the UI but not through WebCore. Unless I’m mistaken.


I believe webCoRE can send any command that the Device Handler can handle. Maybe you need an updated DH


How would that be true if the UI can send the command successfully but WebCore doesn’t show it as an option?

I’m happy to change or find the device handler if that’s the issue…


Whenever I change a Device Handler, webCoRE will show different options when programming a piston. Unfortunately, I do not have Somfy, so I cannot tell you which DH is the best to use.


Here’s the details. I just need to be able to set the stopStr.


Ok. I found a workaround on another thread. Not ideal but setting the shade to exactly 50% triggers the right command to be sent. A bit odd to use for stop but it works…