Anyone else having issues with webcore after the migration?


Webcore pistons are now no longer running correctly. Delays between telling a light to come on and it actually coming. Smart home monitor isn’t arming/disarming. Routines no longer trigger pistons. etc.

I figured after the migration I would have to update webcore or something like that but I haven’t been able to find anything confirming what to do. I’ve checked the webcore latest version number and it’s the same as what i’m running now. I also saw an updated webcore install guide for the new smartthings app but mine is already installed. Do I have to install another instance or something like that?
I’m just unsure if I need to do something or not do something but no one else seems to be asking this question

Thanks guys.


Smart home monitor doesnt work with webcore anymore, you will need to change pistons to use location instead.

I have had to revisit a few of my pistons and remove any reference to SHM and instead do the arming disarming from the ST app using automations.

Still a few things dont work for me, but there is always hope that one day all the ST new app bugs will be fixed.


As noted above, webCoRE is not able to set the STHM state (disarmed, armed/stay and armed/away) in the new app. Also, since routines no longer exist as they have been migrated to automations in the new app and webcore can not access automations in the new app. You will need to rewrite any existing pistons that reference the old SHM and routines from the Classic app.