Can't Load Dashboard- multiple hubs shown


I had a problem with my smartthings hub this morning (power outage) and it seems to have caused an issue in webCORE. The webCORE dashboard loads and has two hubs listed (Same name), one which will not refresh, but has all my pistons listed, and another that has no pistons but does refresh. Not sure how this has happened or how to resolve it. I’m desperate not to do anything that would delete the pistons. So reaching out for help!



  1. In your instance of webCoRE in the ST app, go to settings and clean up and rebuild data cache
  2. logout of your dashboard, clean data cache in your web browser, log back in to the dashboard with register code and password.




That didn’t work unfortunately. But thanks.

I think I need a minion to assist, as the instance that existed before is no longer there (as per smartthings support). I can still access but not use the dashboard of the corrupted instance on one device, Windows pc. None of the pistons are in the ide anymore.

It’s like a fresh copy of the smartapp is on my hub. I think only way to potentially recover the pistons backup codes is via the not yet signed out laptop. But I don’t know the process.


First step is to attempt creating a backup file from the laptop that is still logged in. Use the Backup Pistons menu item to create a backup file, then + New Piston > Import from a backup file to recreate the pistons in the new instance.

If that does not work but you are able to retrieve private backup codes for a few of the pistons I can look up all of the remaining codes for any pistons where you opted in to automatic backup. Please post a few private codes (just the codes, not the entire screenshot) if you can access the red private screenshot feature for a few pistons. These codes will not work if your Samsung account id has changed since the piston data is encrypted and can only be restored by the same account. It sounds like there was a problem with the instance rather than the account, so this should work.



Create backup option does not work, ‘An error has occurred retrieving backup’

I can’t get the private backup codes as none of the pistons will open.

I think from looking at the chrome page data I can see all the 32 digit piston id’s, but that’s about it.

Think it’s almost identical to what is being described in this situation: Deleted webcore app on phone, lost webcore account!