Gauge for Length of Day (showing Solstices & Equinoxes)


Lookin’ good!!!


Two days remaining before the Winter Solstice, my background turned “ice blue” to alert me…



The Solstice is tomorrow… This is the last picture before the color changes



Thanks for the reminder… My colors just switched over to show Winter & Spring…



and finally, the first full day of winter…



Last day of the year… After 12 months, I can’t wait to see my needle jump tomorrow!



Happy New Years everyone!



Does anyone have a full posting of the piston with all the gauges?


I am not sure they will all fit into one piston. I use one piston to create the {dayLengthPercent} as seen in this post. This is actually the hardest part.

If you don’t mind being a day off occasionally, the drawing of the gauges is fairly easy.
(the solar events can be slightly different each year) There are a few examples of this code earlier in this thread. (Here, or here, are the two main ones)

Personally, I am a bit picky on accuracy, so I have built in a lot of extra logic into mine.
(checking for leap years, changing colors etc) I actually use different pistons to draw each gauge, and each piston is near max capacity.


I just noticed something interesting…
My sunrise and sunset are exactly 12 hours apart,
yet we are still 4 days away from the Spring Equinox…


I suspect this is because the Equinox is based on the center of the sun, yet the sunrise and sunset here in webCoRE is based on the very edge of the sun passing the horizon.


Last day of Winter… and 24 hours before the Spring Equinox…



Happy Spring Equinox! (or Fall Equinox if you’re south of the equator)


The 0.4% variance is because the sunrise and sunset in webCoRE rounds to the nearest minute. My next project with this is to incorporate the precise second available in the new $twcweather.

$twcweather.conditions.sunriseTimeLocal >>> "2018-12-19T07:28:58-0700"
$twcweather.conditions.sunsetTimeLocal  >>> "2018-12-19T17:10:52-0700"

Once this new data has been implemented, my dial should be spot on.


We are now exactly halfway thru Spring… So for those of us in the Northern Hemisphere, today begins the 3 month quarter with the most amount of sunlight. (there should really be a name for this)


For the remainder of this thread, unless stated otherwise, all of my data references are going to be for a location in the Northern Hemisphere. For those of you below the equator, the exact opposite should be true… (IE: 95% maximum sunlight for us would be 5% maximum sunlight for you)


We are currently dealing with a fairly bad heat wave…

I find it especially interesting seeing the gauge on my Dashboard…
We are currently at 95% of maximum sunlight.
(yet still 26 days until the Solstice)


I guess in a way, approaching the Summer Solstice is like approaching “High Noon”


Well, I guess “high noon” is upon us…


I think I need to change the code slightly… That 0.1% bothers me, and should be easy to fix now that we have access to the exact second for sunrise & sunset…

Stay tuned…


We are now exactly halfway thru Summer…



Can’t wait til the cold weather … well, what there is of “cold” here in the SoCal deserts :smile:


4 days until the equinox…


The first dial shows the seasons, and the second shows the percentage of daylight…


Well, we are exactly 3 hours and 40 minutes away from the Equinox…


The reason the sunlight is not exactly 12 hours, is because the sunrise/sunset times are based on the edge of the sun passing the horizon, and the Equinox is based on when the middle of the sun crosses the horizon.

For my location, 12h 8m and 50.5 seconds is exactly midway.

This means from my location, it takes about 4m 25s for the sun’s radius to cross the horizon.


First day of Fall…


Callout to anyone using:


If today is still Monday (the Equinox), I am very curious if your percentage is also about 49%??

Strangely enough, I hit 50% the day before the Equinox… I need confirmation from others, but it really appears that $twcweather gave me Monday’s times on Sunday. Either that, or $twc is giving me times for a neighboring city…

Anyone else??