Gauge for Length of Day (showing Solstices & Equinoxes)


Also, the reason I chose 16 & 84 (instead of 25 and 75 like you did) is because the year is split up perfectly if you use 16 & 84. (the dial spends exactly 3 months in each color)


I got this working now…This is neat!!!

I had my “set piston tile” info in the wrong area before…but it’s working now…I like your last post (piston screenshot without the import code…) I’ll fool with that at a later time…

Nice Work!


one question, I know i can go into settings in webcore and make the tile size larger, but the gauge still stays the same size…I how do i resize the gauge to compensate for the larger tile size?


Ctrl-F5 from your dashboard will redraw the tiles.
(it will NOT pull new data, but it redraws it based on the html)


Now I’m at 14.4%, and I have the full complement of 21 decimals, so I’m very happy about that! Thanks for helping me set it up @WCmore It’s one of my favourite pistons.


Sure thing… Glad to be able to help!