Gauge for Length of Day (showing Solstices & Equinoxes)


Also, the reason I chose 16 & 84 (instead of 25 and 75 like you did) is because the year is split up perfectly if you use 16 & 84. (the dial spends exactly 3 months in each color)


I got this working now…This is neat!!!

I had my “set piston tile” info in the wrong area before…but it’s working now…I like your last post (piston screenshot without the import code…) I’ll fool with that at a later time…

Nice Work!


one question, I know i can go into settings in webcore and make the tile size larger, but the gauge still stays the same size…I how do i resize the gauge to compensate for the larger tile size?


Ctrl-F5 from your dashboard will redraw the tiles.
(it will NOT pull new data, but it redraws it based on the html)


Now I’m at 14.4%, and I have the full complement of 21 decimals, so I’m very happy about that! Thanks for helping me set it up @WCmore It’s one of my favourite pistons.


Sure thing… Glad to be able to help!


With only a few days of Fall remaining, and the Winter Solstice nearly upon us, I figure some of you may appreciate a recent screenshot.


Everything is tracking along beautifully!


And mine. Haven’t done the seasons yet

Btw thanks for the inspiration


Lookin’ good!!!


Two days remaining before the Winter Solstice, my background turned “ice blue” to alert me…



The Solstice is tomorrow… This is the last picture before the color changes



Happy Winter Solstice!
It’s strange to see 0% of max !


Thanks for the reminder… My colors just switched over to show Winter & Spring…



and finally, the first full day of winter…



Last day of the year… After 12 months, I can’t wait to see my needle jump tomorrow!



Happy New Years everyone!