Gauge for Length of Day (showing Solstices & Equinoxes)


We are now exactly halfway thru Spring… So for those of us in the Northern Hemisphere, today begins the 3 month quarter with the most amount of sunlight. (there should really be a name for this)


For the remainder of this thread, unless stated otherwise, all of my data references are going to be for a location in the Northern Hemisphere. For those of you below the equator, the exact opposite should be true… (IE: 95% maximum sunlight for us would be 5% maximum sunlight for you)


We are currently dealing with a fairly bad heat wave…

I find it especially interesting seeing the gauge on my Dashboard…
We are currently at 95% of maximum sunlight.
(yet still 26 days until the Solstice)


I guess in a way, approaching the Solstice is like approaching “High Noon”


Well, I guess “high noon” is upon us…


I think I need to change the code slightly… That 0.1% bothers me, and should be easy to fix now that we have access to the exact second for sunrise & sunset…

Stay tuned…


We are now exactly halfway thru Summer…



Can’t wait til the cold weather … well, what there is of “cold” here in the SoCal deserts :smile: