HELP! Missing All Pistons


All my pistons are missing.

When I open Webcore from the Smarthings app or from computer there are no pistons

I had to reset my mobile device and when i reinstalled and login into Smarthings app they were all gone.

any suggestions/ideas? What have i done wrong?


this is going to be a dumb question but
is your house working as it’s supposed to (with pistons)?


no!!! I open the garage door which is supposed to open two other doors but they do not open.


I think you mean are the automations still working even though i am not seeing the pistons. Is that correct?


yes that’s what I was asking


Any idea of what is wrong? Is it a username or something?


oh man so sorry no idea… never happened to me BUT i have seen a couple of posts about this problem…
Did you do a search in the forum?


Yeah, but nothing is showing. Ok, thank you. I should be able to just re-log in to my smarthings account and the Pistons should not be disappearing like this correct? Should i be backing up my pistons?

I see that it is the right account as i login to Smarthings on the Web and see my devices


back up always a good idea…
Or somethimes starting from scratch (no matter how horrible it looks:)
I login logout maybe 10 times a day and never seen this happening…


Found the post


Any chance you have a second instance of webcore? In which case, you would only need to change to the other instance from the webcore dashboard. In the upper left of the screen, there is a pull-down where you can switch between multiple instances.


Nope no other instance to be found. Updating WebCore did not fix.

Any other solutions/suggestions? It seems like I am the only one that has had this problem where everything just randomly deleted.


Do you have anything for webCoRE listed at > My Locations > smartapps? Normally it would show your webCoRE smart apps and each piston.