Hub power source change triggered with 19.12 beta update


Happened last night right after the update. Had to pause and resume a couple of pistons to stop the notifications from coming. notifications started again this morning a few minutes ago.

IDE shows battery power as false

heres a sample piston to test for the issue


What did it change to?

What was the value of $currentEventValue?


no idea. first time it happened was right after update last night. wrote off as an update glitch. then happened again this morning. now full logging it turned if it does happen again.


OK, these are back. heres the event from the log, but IDE says hub is not on battery:

10/19/2017, 1:22:44 PM +275ms
+0ms	â•”Received event [Home].powerSource = battery with a delay of 174ms
+1100ms	â•šEvent processed successfully (1100ms)

10/19/2017, 1:22:44 PM +127ms
+1ms	â•”Received event [Home].powerSource = battery with a delay of 108ms
+508ms	â•šEvent processed successfully (508ms)


I am seeing this behavior today after the 19.20 update as well. Did you ever find a fix? Same as you, IDE reports 'On battery: false.

@bfara83 , Brad, I think the battery tile (which is where I am seeing an indication of on battery power) was one of your many awesome tiles. Think something has changed in the recent updates that might require a change to your tile code?


I wish I could, there’s nothing I can change though since my pistons are relaying on webCoRE for the battery status of the hub. There’s no other way to get the hub power status that I’m aware of, may require a fix either in webCoRE or Smartthings will have to fix it.


have not dug around on this one. pausing and resuming the piston fixes issue till next update


bumping this up. same problem


I haven’t been able to get reliable events on the hub power status since this was introduced. I don’t know whether it’s ST or Webcore but it simply doesn’t work.


In case anyone is still following this, I found a bug in the code that I fixed and submitted a pull request that was accepted and it should be in the newest version of WebCore - please see this pull request for more information -


I wasn’t following it, but I was curious. I can’t help but notice that this area of webCoRE functionality seems to be assuming there is only one physical hub in the Location.