Mobile app for webCoRE


The smartApp was the updated one. But weirdly enough i removed the smartApp from ST as well as deleted the webcore app and reinstalled it and created another instance and it worked this time!!

Thanks for the help.


An idea for the app. As it will be installed on a phone, maybe get the battery percentage of the device? I’m sure there are many use cases.

What would also be cool is that if there is a way to captured SSID of WiFi for more precision reporting and alerting.


I am pretty sure access to the wifi name is restricted, battery I can pass through, though when you’re standing still at a place you get zero updates until you leave, which means battery info can and will quickly become stale.


Honest question, What practical usage do you have in mind for battery remaining?


Might be useful to add in the battery and the location/presence, so you can tell if when the last location was updated, if the battery level is low and it isn’t plugged in, you can tell that is why there aren’t more update?

I was actually thinking of doing something similar to this using Automate on Android for my wife’s account. I already have a few things going already, like having it check if the front door opens (using SmartTools) in the morning between certain hours and if the phone is still plugged in, I send an alert to my phone and set off an alarm on her phone. That way she doesn’t leave in the morning without it.


The problem is that I only get updates when the location changes significantly (Apple says at least 500m horizontally) or when you enter/exit a geofence (again, implies significant movement). There would normally be NO updates from the moment you got home until you already left home, unless you open the app (the opening of the app would then trigger an update). So that’s not the most reliable way of tracking battery or phone being charged.


We had a similar issue with a geofencing app the company I work for had developed. As I recall, there was a way in iOS to allow even a background application to occasionally wake up and refresh itself. I think it was based on what attributes or capabilities the application had. I would like to say we added some miscellaneous feature to the app, that was never really used, to allow this background updating.

This was important for our app because we wanted and needed to be able to send the current location back periodically to keep in fresh in our monitoring / back office system.

I’ll reach out to our devs in the morning and see what suggestions they have.


I know how to get those background refreshes up and running - but they mean power usage - I am really trying to keep the battery draw on the phone to a minimum, updating every few minutes for the sake of just battery and/or charging info seems a bit much - I’ll do it if there is a real benefit - what is that benefit?


No I agree, it was useful for us only because we had it set to send the current location every x minutes (whatever it was) along with the battery info, again in the event that we lost contact with the app we could look at the prior update and see what the battery strength was at the time.

Because this is presence-based, I would just include it in the update and make it another data element of that update. Again we used it more for “We haven’t received a location update from this user in X minutes and at the time their phone was < 10%. Notify the first person on their contact list that the phone may have died.” That was after we would ping the phone and attempt to get back a real-time update, which again would fail if the phone was dead.

I can’t say for sure I can come up with a piston I would use this for, at least right now.


I was thinking along the lines where like for me, i move around a fair bit. Home, office, meetings, school, grocery, etc. These are short drives around 10-20 mins tops in between destinations. I would use it to notify me if batteries are low and remind me to take my batter pack - which i have forgotten many a times. But in saying that, i now carry 4 battery packs…just to ensure that i don’t run out of juice :slight_smile:


I’ve noticed a bug in WebCoRE. When in the main instance, if I change the places in settings, I lose all my categories. I can put them back in and the pistons remember where they belong, but it is annoying.

Where do we put the places in, by the way; the main instance or the blank one we created for the mobile app?


Please try your best to make the app accessible for blind and visually impaired users of Talkback on Android and voice Over. Thanks all over the place for your work.


Would like to get invite to mobile app (presence). Tried to send PM and system won’t let me(??)


You are currently at trust level 0 (new user).

You need to be on TL1 to send PM’s… spend 30 minutes clicking on stuff and you’ll move up the ladder.


Is this still an issue? I installed the presence sensor under my main webcore instance. (before I read this obviously)


But i’d Suggest you write down at least one of the backup codes (one of the ones hiding behind the grey scratch panels) before removing the presence device, just in case.



I guess I skipped a beat since I’ve been very busy this fall. Do you mean it’s now safe to use webcore presence sensor on main instance without fear of ST deleting everything? Thanks!




Cool, thanks! Getting up to speed on what happened in the last couple of weeks :expressionless:


Have you looked at a tool like appcellerator?