Not receiving SMS anymore


For some reason sending SMS messages to my phone stopped working. I just created a piston to test it and tghe piston executed ok but I have not received any text messages. any ideas?


ST stopped sending SMS to all users outside of the US back in September. If you are in the US, you need to opt-in to receive SMS messages.

So the question for you… are you in the US or other country?


I am in the US. I was receiving messages yesterday.


Not sure what is going on. I tested and SMS worked for me.


It seems to be working for me now too. I wonder if there was a server issue that has been resolved.


You have a strict daily limit… Any SMS beyond that limit is lost forever…
(I do not know which time zone when your daily count resets though)


Do you have any idea what the limit is? I only use it a few times a day (when the door is locked or unlocked).

  1. Rate Limits - You can receive a maximum of 100 messages per phone number, per configuration, per day (12:00:00am-11:59:59pm). Some of your SmartApps may be approaching this level. Review your settings to ensure your SMS messages are not affected by the limits.


I may be wrong, but I think I remember reading it was 100 SMS per day, per ST account…