Changes to ST SMS service (September 25, 2019)


SMS Not Working?
SMS Notifications stopped working
SMS Not Working?

ST are a bunch of CUNTS!!!


► US customers can receive a maximum of 100 messages per phone number, per configuration, per day
► Non-US customers will no longer receive SMS notifications from SmartThings

So nice they gave us a two day warning…

For all of you outside of the US, I think you can get a free Google Voice number (with an American area code) to bypass this restriction. All that is left, is to link the new number to your current phone. (effectively giving you two numbers on your phone)

There is also an option to forward all GV texts to your main number as well…



You need to do the setup from an US-based IP (e.g., use a proxy). After setup, GV works just fine anywhere in the world.


You are right @ahndee, but I just tested, and Google Voice now also require a US based phone number (during the signup process) to make sure that we’re not a robot. Perhaps buying a throw-away “burner phone” in the US would be a cheap $15 solution to activate the account. Texts are 100% free from that point onwards.


callcentric used to have free incoming calls with free phone numbers. I believe they now charge for actual phone numbers but you might get away with paying for a single month only which would be even less (or there might be other providers out there).


I have a paid workaround working now using Twilio… currently having to pass arguments to Google Script API which processes the message, as I can’t get the web request to work directly from webCoRE, but it’s just as fast as ST messaging.

It’s 4p per standard message, more when emoji or longer messages are involved.

Will put together a guide and sample piston shortly.



leave it to @RobinWinbourne for getting his account suspended on the ST forum


Bring it on haha… guess they got the message I left them lol :joy:


Digging a bit deeper here… using Twilio I can reply to messages and trigger pistons… nice!!



I did this with whatsapp over a year ago


I would love pushover & twilio to be built into WebCore so it saves on code and variables

Heres another way of doing PushOver integration



You appear to be the trending topic on the ST forum at the moment.


haha… they must miss me lol… I wont be coming back after the 30th, fuck them!!




Has anyone tried the “send email” option? In the US, each carrier offers email to SMS:
AT&T: [email protected]
T-Mobile: [email protected]
Sprint: [email protected]
Verizon: [email protected] or [email protected]
Virgin Mobile: [email protected]
Rogers Mobile: [email protected]

There might be a similar service through your provider.