Problem loading the dashboard data


Hi All-

The Webcore dashboard throws this message for the past day “There was a problem loading the dashboard data. The data shown below may be outdated; please log out if this problem persists.” I signed out and reauthenticated but the message persisted and none of my pistons were listed.

The ST log shows “error java.lang.reflect.UndeclaredThrowableException @line 1700 (listAvailableDevices),” so I commented out line 1700

if (storageApp)
result = storageApp.listAvailableDevices(raw)

replacing it with the else statement from line 1707:

result = settings.findAll{ it.key.startsWith(“dev:”) }.collect{ it.value }.flatten().collectEntries{ dev -> [(hashId(, updateCache)): dev]}.collectEntries{ id, dev -> [ (id): [ n: dev.getDisplayName(), cn: dev.getCapabilities()*.name, a: dev.getSupportedAttributes().unique{ }.collect{def x = [n:, t: it.getDataType(), o: it.getValues()]; try {x.v = dev.currentValue(x.n);} catch(all) {}; x}, c: dev.getSupportedCommands().unique{ it.getName() }.collect{[n: it.getName(), p: it.getArguments()]} ]]

and it works as expected. I’m not sure what the problem is. As long as it functions I suppose it’s ok. I just wanted to alert the board if perhaps there’s a bug or something that I may need to alter.

Actually there is still a problem. As in the screenshot below, none of my devices are being listed within the pistons. So something is wrong. Any thoughts please?


Please see the following topic tracking this issue. Since the webCoRE smart app does not have any devices associated if you’ve installed webCoRE Storage, there are no devices to pull from settings. You can swap those lines or just return a blank list of devices to get back in to the dashboard but if doing so be extremely cautious about editing any pistons. You can view the dashboard and export a backup but the raw device IDs that you see in your pistons will not map to anything in the editor device dropdown and so editing a piston could remove the devices from your piston.

The biggest culprit here are specific devices that include a large number of attributes, such as Echo and Ecobee. It may help to disassociate those from webCoRE as you will read in the latest replies on the main topic.


So pretty much echo device shouldn’t be used with Webcore?