Smartthings Location mode changes not executing


I am having a problem with pistons that observe Smarthings Location modes never execute. I had paused any other pistons to verify there were no collisions. WebCore correctly shows the change but the blue dot showing execution isn’t lit up and even when the logs are set to full, no log data is displayed. The child piston that it executes correct functions when I click test in it.

This problem started yesterday early afternoon (EST).

I refactored the code to this with no change

This may be a duplicate of this post


Sounds very similar to my problem. Though I get no indication that Webcore sees the change in the “if”.

Timing for mine is about the same. I see history that shows it was working a couple of days ago and then not working as of last evening.


I’ve created a couple of additional pistons using location mode as a trigger, and various location modes, and they are just not firing.


Same issue here, whats wrong?


Ok sounds like it’s not just me then.


Same problem for me.

All my pistons that uses location mode not working!


I created a workaround to my problem by using the following steps:

  1. Create a virtual dimmer (not switch) -> Add to WebCore
  2. Since Google Home couldn’t work directly with Location Modes in the past, I already had Scenes in ST to change the Location Mode. I added another action to set the dimmer to a specific value for each. I doesn’t matter what the value is as long as it is unique to each Location Mode.
  3. I had my code that runs inside an event handler moved to a child piston with all subscriptions ignored. The example below show calling that child piston.
  4. I then set the dimmer to be observed in the example. Since the Location Mode value is correctly making it to WebCore, something else has to trigger it that it changed. When the problem is fixed I can remove Dimmer 8 from the piston.

Example below.


Yea, I can change from location modes to virtual switches to do what I need to do, it’s just curious that it worked fine and suddenly stopped working. Maybe this is the beginning of the end, or maybe the modes are not working properly within Smartthings too.


Same issue here. This was working until 8/25 from my Piston logs.
I could not find any reported issues on ST about this or any updates to WebCore that would explain this.
But I’ve also noticed that my ActionTiles dash is not updating the Location mode (when I change from ST), so that looks to me that ST changed something regarding Events to Location Mode.
I’ll wait a couple of days to see if this will be fixed.


Are you expecting a fix from Webcore or Smartthings? Wondering if we should register cases on the Smartthings side, but I don’t know what info or parameters Webcore receives for this to even know what to ask them to fix.


Working again as of this evening!!!


Yep, it’s working now for me too (WebCore and ActionTiles).
And that’s what I was waiting for :slight_smile:


It seems to be broken again today.

FWIW, mode was not updating in Actiontiles for me on 5 August. I contacted Actiontiles and they said they “reinitialized [my] location” and it started updating again.


Started working again Monday morning