SMS and/or PUSH notifications not working with last uptdate of Smartthings App


Hi Guys,

Since the last update of the Samsung Smartthings app I have lost the Push Notifications and the SMS notifications of my Pistons (they used to work well in the past).

I have updated the webcore versión to v0.3.110.20191009 but is still not working.

All the other actions are working, just the notifications don’t.

Do you have any clues on what´s going on?


Example of PISTON.



Boton Virtual’s switch stays away from on for 1 second


Send notification “Send notification”;

Send PUSH notification “Send PUSH notification”;

Send SMS notification “Send SMS” to +111111111111111;

end if;

end execute;


ST changed the terms of SMS in September…

  • they no longer send to users outside of US
  • those in US are required to opt in to receive SMS
  • there is a daily limit on number of SMS sent

unless you are experiencing another issue since you are also not receiving push notifications


iOS or Android? version of the ST app?


Thanks @jkp, Android, ST Version 1.7.40-21

I believe I have any other issue because, as you said, also the PUSH notifications are not working.


you may want to post on the ST forum and ask if others are seeing push notification issues.I have iOS so I can’t offer you any help. Who knows, it could be an ST app issue. It was just released in the past two days. I haven’t seen any reports on the ST forum yet.

this thread may be a good place to ask… (yes, different version number but no one created a new thread for 40)

but your SMS issue would not be related to the push notification issue


I just tested and I get SMS and push notifications. but again, I am on iOS


Thanks a lot @jkp


did I read that you are not in the US from your post on the ST forum? If that is the case, ST shut down sending SMS to anyone outside of US. The link I posted above has all the details and possible ways to receive them depending if the options are available in your country.


I’m in the us on iOS and I have not been getting push notifications either. No clue what’s going on.


I believe that has something to do with the removing support for ContactBook which allowed selecting specific users to receive certain push notifications.