Wait() seems to trigger recovery every time - broken (for a while now)


This piston could not get simpler, it uses no triggers or settings other than default. The log shows that the wait failed and was recovered. When using a wait in pistons the recovery causes following actions to be triggered again and again (recovery seems to re-trigger the wait and it isn’t guaranteed that it will work on the second go). This behaviour has been this was for more than a year, does anyone have any insight into this? How is it that everyone isn’t screaming for this to be fixed?


Please don’t take this the wrong way, but it is looping pistons like this that can easily bog down your system… essentially loosing reliability on other pistons. (perhaps something you added a year ago started the excessive recoveries?)

In other words, the faster you try to push SmartThings, the slower & less reliable the entire ecosystem will become. (Trust me… A single runaway loop can cause utter chaos)

In a typical environment, SmartThings can smoothly process 5-10 commands per second. Using those numbers, a 10 second loop uses 2% of that… 24 hours a day. It’s easy to see how a handful of pistons can unintentionally steal 30% (or more) of your hub’s “bandwidth”.


I can vouch for @jgroves discovery.

I have had a few pistons with “waits” that were rock solid for two years start to go wonky on me recently- like in the last 10 days or so.

In fact, I’ve been keeping an eye on this forum and ST forum lately to see if anybody was posting anything about this. I couldn’t have been the only one.

@jgroves Did you create this piston as an example to show people the problem with the wait? Because I have functional pistons with “waits” that this is happening to.

This piston was working fine for nearly two years...now not working

Is this affecting all waits or only short waits? Seems like the SmartThings platform may be facing some schedule triggering issues. Which shard are you on (which URL do you end up at after signing in at account.SmartThings.com)?


SmartThings is looking into this and the related issues that others have reported this week, I will keep you posted.


@jgroves, this has been resolved for certain shards of the SmartThings platform that were affected, it seems like EU01 may still be having trouble with waits. Is this still affecting you? Which shard are you on (which URL do you end up at after signing in at account.SmartThings.com)?