Waits go "pending" in trace


I’ve been using WebCore for about 3 years now. About a month ago, there were many problems with “wait” commands not working properly. It got resolved on the back end. I feel that I am experiencing something similar to that again.

What I see…

Several pistons that use wait commands count down in a trace like normal. Then when it gets to “zero”, the status changes to “pending” and the text turns red in the trace and the counter starts going up.

I know about the browser issue when a piston starts counting up. A browser refresh usually resolves that problem. I’m not having that problem.

Wait commands that are for 25 seconds are taking over a minute (it seems…I haven’t narrowed down to see how long it waits for).

I have TCP to “Never” on ALL of my commands in the pistons where it allows me to choose it.

It’s intermittent, too, but often enough to cause the following problem:

I’m using these to feed plants via hydroponics. Normally we give a 25-second feeding to all of the plants. We normally go through about 100 gallons of water/nutrient solution per day. Since the wait commands are taking longer, we are going through 150-200 gallons per day. I’m considering moving away from SmartThings/WebCore due to this problem.


Looks like the same type of problem I posted back in April.
Nobody responded to the post but it seemed to resolve about a month ago. I haven’t checked it in the past few days so I don’t know if the problem has come back.(I am 99% on Hubitat now)

I suspect what is happening is webCoRE commands a wait which should set the timeHandler but for some reason it doesn’t get set so when you see the piston counting down to pending it will never fire because the timeHandler was never set, or was cleared by some process on the SmartThings backend.


The “wait” is implemented by setting a timer and exiting the piston. I’d imagine that either the timer event is arriving very late, or perhaps more likely it is not arriving at all and the piston is being fired by ‘recovery’ event sent by other running pistons.

It has not been a good year for timers in SmartThings.


My problem persists. I can’t count on these timers. I’ve found a Hubitat hub on eBay. Delivery in a week. I’d rather not have to redo my entire system, but I will.


I think you will find that running webCoRE on Hubitat is a lot faster and more reliable. There are some differences such as there is no SMS service with Hubitat but there are options such as Twilio if you absolutely need SMS. Otherwise the built in messaging or use of Pushover are both reliable. Also buttons work a little differently but not difficult to make the change. I’ve been using webCoRE on Hubitat for all of my automations and find it to be rock solid.