WebCoRE Logging & Debug Output



After issues with other pistons, created simple piston to log “Hello” to Logs - no output. Selected “Full” logging level - no output. Anyone else experiencing this behavior?


Post the piston… Need to see how you set it up and how it’s being triggered.



You were an early tester for piston restore, is it possible that the piston you created got marked as Paused?


All of the pistons that I restored have been working. When I had problems, I actually did “Pause” and “Un-Pause” the piston to see if that would resolve. When I could not get that piston to work, I created a simple one with one function to simply log “hello”…


Another issue, possibly related “Creating new piston” where you can no longer select location. To re-create follow these steps…

  1. Create a new blank piston (any name/author)
  2. Select “Add a new statement”
  3. Select “Add an action”
    ISSUE: Under “Devices” - Location is no longer available to select…


It’s fixed, please see


Confirmed - Location = Fixed…

Still unable to obtain any debugging output from the simple one line piston referenced earlier. I can sleep on it to see if there are any similar user reports before continuing to pursue. Let me know if there are any other actions that can be taken to test or help resolve. - Drew


The piston that would not log was taking appx. 80% mem, but had been functioning for some time. Taking a hint from your suggestion about memory consumption, I made a duplicate of the piston. Once the duplicate of the piston was made, it only consumed 50% memory. Essentially, the piston ran all weekend and functioned normally, logging and all. I can’t explain why the original piston had grown to consume so much memory, but the duplicate has remained at roughly 50%. I was suspicious of some kind of memory leak, but cannot seem to reproduce the issue… That’s how it goes sometimes… - Drew


Any piston that writes to the log will grow over time. In a way, the log and the piston share the same memory space. (the longer the code, the less room available for the logs) Usually, when it gets close to being full, webCoRE will automatically trim the older log portions.


Good to know and to watch for! Thanks