Available Devices not working


1) Give a description of the problem
SmartApp/Settings/Available Devices returns the following :

"Something’s Wong" We can’t load your screen right now

Retry buttons does not return any results and returns same response.

2) What is the expected behavior?

List all ST things will ability to select new items to enable use with WebCore Pistons

3) What is happening/not happening?

Unable to see available devices and select new things added post WebCore installation

4) Post a Green Snapshot of the pistonimage

**5) Attach any logs (From [ST IDE]

( 1e58e5dc-6a61-4e74-b8a4-bb6c4dc35ae1 8:13:53 pm: debug getChildDevices(false), children=0

2558e4dc-a770-4acf-8e98-ce786383d142 8:13:53 pm: debug Generated list of devices in 1328ms. Data size is 21149

Device not shown in Available Devices in Webcore Setting

Do you see the correct devices at account.smartthings.com > My Locations > smartapps on the webCoRE smart app that is nested under the main webCoRE? That should be the storage smart app to which your device list is assigned. Is anything missing or unexpected there?


same here. somebody help us.

It fails load available devices.

And there is no log in live logging(IDE).


@ipaterson thanks for your reply. It lists all the devices we had at the time WebCore was installed but does not list any of the new devices since …

Pls assist on how we can solve this dilemma :thinking:


this log seems about webcore ‘dashboard’, not smartapp’s


This problem seems to be happening to Samsung ‘Korean Account’ users. I don’t know the exact cause, but is there a way to solve it?


Please try contacting SmartThings for support with your account.


I have the same issue in Australia and get the below in Live Logging when I try to access the available devices in the Classic app.

2:11:26 PM: info smartapp_pause called by smartAppName=webCoRE, value=250, smartAppVersionId=dfd6c9d5-b656-4fa4-914c-a6fbd9c08479

Its like the app tries to access what is available but returns nothing. This only happens on new devices that I try to add.


@aush did you manage to get this resolved with Smarthings support?


I’m having the same problem. Any update?


Hi, I’m having the same issue as well in Australia. Happy to get in contact with smarthings, probably just need a bit of guidance on what they need to know to get this resolved. Thanks.


Same problem here, not able to add the devices to webcore, any other way is there to add devices.


It started working now, managed to add my sensor to webcore.


Working again for me too. Tried just now, and all working great.


Yep, working for me too! Thanks to whoever fixed it.


Broken again


Yep, broken again for me too :slightly_frowning_face:


I’m in Australian and this has recently become an issue to, I have tried the following to no avail;

  • List item Updated webCore to the latest via GIT.

  • List item Tried on both ST classic and New Apps, The new app reports a different error “Network or server error occurred. Try again later”. I used a VPN to mimic me being in the US but got the same error.

  • List item Deleted every cache that I could find and restarted everything that I could restart.

I guess I will do what the error message says and “Try again later”!


Hey, me too. Must be Vegemite or Tim-tam thing.


now working again. in South Korea.