[RELEASE] Value Tiles - DTH for displaying webCoRE variables / Stats in a 'Thing'


Here is a DTH I knocked up quickly to display custom strings / values in device tiles, within the ST app.

DTH no longer supported - removed link

You can update the displayed values using a webCoRE piston like this one:


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May I suggest that you add the ability to set the headings for the tiles (in the same way the Tile Text is set)?


value tiles don’t have headings so nothing to set… only option would be to use alternate lines of values


or reduce the width of each value tile to 3 and placing another value tile to the left, also width 3 :

heading (width 3) - value (width 3)
heading (width 3) - value (width 3)
heading (width 3) - value (width 3)

but then you wouldn’t have much space to add longer values.


I understand. (The reason why I asked is that if one set all 5 values, one is faced with 5 values with no indication what the values relate to.)


You can just put it in the value string :wink:


Here’s a good use case:



Robin. Your on a roll. I’ve been looking for something like this too. Can you put in an icon using a web address for it?




But it kinda messes with the first tile:

Could be overcome by using a blank tile I guess… but then you’d see less on the page as it would push everything down… you’d also loose value 1 being shown on the main things list.


Cool. You know now I have to play with this. So much for starting my flooring this next weekend. You guys are killing me with all the possibilities. :sunglasses:. Is there a way to change font color? I really hate the grey. Hard to see with my old eyes


you can change the backgroundColor, which changes the text colour in the things list, but within the device it just adds a coloured circle around the text and changes the text to white.

ST don’t give us much control over tile appearance :sob:



@Robin you’re a genius

Except for something this good, you should have put it in the Instructions & Tutorials category. I have handled this oversight. :slight_smile:


Here’s another use case… for those that remember it, this brings back some of the functionality of the old v1 dashboard!!

And, being English, I’ve used ternary operators to switch between ‘all off’ / ‘is on’ / ‘are on’ to ensure good grammar :smile:


Now all I need is a hub and real devices so I can actually make use of this haha

Not very useful with my virtual location and simulated devices :sob:

Time to buy a new house me thinks!!!


when’s your b-day? I’ll send you a US hub just to mess you up trying to install UK devices. :slight_smile:


Better send him a UK power cord too or he might catch on too quick … :rofl:


Robin, is there a way to force a carriage return with the text that you are inserting in the value tile?




Probably not knowing ST.

Maybe try \n or \r\n


This is great Robin! I was looking to develop this and was playing around with various DTH’s as a starting point. Thanks for all you contribute to the ST/WC community. Cheers!


Hi Robin
The \n or \r\n do not work.

Did you change the settings in the DTH to get the tile to look like this:
My tiles are all circles and don’t expand to show the full contents of the variable.